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Having a gameplan is the smartest thing to do. Starting a project with no sense of direction is just asking for a disaster. At Refresh, you will work with a design team that has years of experience in multimedia to help your vision turn into a reality.



“Meetings: a necessary evil.”

The purpose of a consultation is to make sure we get a clear picture of how to achieve your goals. Doing so will prevent wasted time and energy. We know your time is valuable. So is ours. To begin the process, we charge a consultation fee.




“Wait, you’re proposing to me?!”

After we’ve discussed your needs, we will put together a proposal to outline the ideas that were mentioned in the consultation meeting. This will be reviewed by you so we can make sure everyone’s on the same page.


Pre Production

“Let’s get this party started!”

Research is key to the design process. We will make a mood board for you that will aid in conveying the style you want for your media.



“This is the most fun part….right?”

It’s time to get the show on the road! This is the part when we really start making your product. We will spend the agreed amount of hours on filming, designing, photographing, or whatever it takes to bring your project to life.


Post Production

“Almost to the finish line.”

Now that we’ve gathered the media, it’s time to edit everything. We will take the footage, photos, design assets, etc. and sculpt it into your final project.



“Finally, now gimme my stuff!”

Woohoo! Your product has been created and can be shared with the world! We will work with you to strategize the most effective plan to launch your project to the world.



“Wait, there’s more?!”

Many people forget about this step. It is important to know how to maintain your product after it has been shared with the world. We will discuss what needs to happen in order for your product to stay in top shape. 

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